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  1. Support Framework 2.0
  2. Solution for the BadImage produced in some condition
  3. Improve the running speed of computer after encrypting
  4. Recognize the target file automatically
    Last Ver: 2.22 for formal version consumer in VIP channel available
2005.11.03 Notify: Framework 2.0 formal version consumer of the environments could obtain the product that supports the Framework 2.0 MaxtoCode test version.
  1. Modified the errors of memory access when encrypting files
  2. Adapted some leaking of encryption when encrypting some programs that is in special form
  3. Solve the problem that files were encrypted to be illegal form files in special conditions.
  4. This is the last version that supports the .NET Framework 1.1 only

Last Ver: 2.22 for formal version consumer in VIP channel available


MAXTOCODE is the unique software encrypting .NET code which uses the WINDOWS Lower level technology in the worldwide.

Beyond the obfuscator of traditional congeneric software, MAXTOCODE, one of perfect .NET protecting strategy, protecting intensity of which is the topmost now and better than the traditional obfuscator , could encrypt your code entirely without being stealing by .NET decompiler.

MaxtoCode Standard $299.95
MaxtoCode Professional $1399.95


     Establish in 2002, Aiasted.SOFT technology located in Wuhan, China. We are devoted efforts in the technology of protecting .NET source code. With several years ' practicing, we developed the MAXTOCODE, which has the good compatibility and the reliability.
     The service of encrypting your .NET program sets we provided was high praised by the customer. Protecting safe of your code and soft, protecting the right of your technology, will always be our purposes.
     Welcome to our website! It ' s very important that you care about us. If you are interested in our product, please contact us, we are hot welcome you.

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