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     MAXTOCODE is the unique software of encrypting .NET code which uses the WINDOWS Lower level technology in the worldwide.
MAXTOCODE is the unique software encrypting .NET code which uses the WINDOWS Lower level technology in the worldwide.

Beyond the obfuscator of traditional congeneric software, MAXTOCODE, one of perfect .NET protecting strategy, protecting intensity of which is the topmost now and better than the traditional obfuscator , could encrypt your code entirely without being stealing by .NET decompiler.

       MAXTOCODE is a unique high intensity protecting tool, which was independently developed by Aiasted.SOFT.
     .NET, symbol of the mainstream programming language, developed to be high efficiency, strong function, artistic interface, durable, rich in the CLR common run base resource, and new language C# already submitting for the profession standard. The .NET mantra is to strive to improve manufacturing processes, develop products quickly, and deliver superb customer service.
     But it has a defect that program sets compiled could be decompiled to source code, which is dangerous for custom's resources, and then it's a big problem of protecting our Intellectual property rights.

The first code protecting strategy is confusion, which is a good way in decompiling some new format resulting in source code; however.....

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